Mika Yamamoto Memorial Foundation

This foundation is built to perpetuate the spirit of Mika Yamamoto, a journalist of the Japan Press who was killed by gunfire on August 20, 2012 in Aleppo, Syria, while reporting.


Mika Yamamoto International Journalist Award

The Mika Yamamoto International Journalist Award is established in honor of Ms. Mika Yamamoto who was killed by gunfire (at age 45) on August 20, 2012, in Aleppo, Syria, during reporting. The award will be presented to the person who exemplifies her same spirit as a journalist and contributes in presenting honest and bold international reporting.

The spirit of Ms. Mika Yamamoto can be explained as the toughness to reveal global injustice or absurdities and the reality, not through hearsay, but through understanding by his or her own eyes and ears. Also it is a humanistic perspective of reporting globally with deep empathy for the people who live in danger in the countries and areas where such injustice or absurdity has occurred.

The award will be presented to the individual who works in international journalism with such spirit within.

The international report will include the events in Japan that are considered globally significant historically, such as the massive earthquake in Tohoku, Japan.

The award will have three categories: movie, picture, and article. The person who is considered the most honorable international reporter throughout the year for each category will be awarded.

Nominated works will be selected by the board of directors and the council of the Mika Yamamoto Memorial Foundation. The awarded work will be chosen by the selection committee.

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