Mika Yamamoto Memorial Foundation



Born in Obihiro City, Hokkaido. Grew up in Tsuru City, Yamanashi.
Graduated from Yamanashi High school.
Graduated from Tsuru University, Bachelor of English Literature.
Employed by Asahi Newspaperr as reporter and director. Worked in news and documentary program creation.
Left Asahi Newspaper. Joined Asia Press after working freelance.
Joined Japan Press. Reported in world conflict areas such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Chechnya, Kosovo, Uganda, and Indonesia.
In September, during reporting in Afghanistan, the attack on the US on September 11, occurred. Continued to report in Afghanistan during the anti-terrorism attack.
Became field newscaster for "NNN Today's Report" program at the Nippon Television Network. Presented daily reports from Baghdad under aerial bombardment. Awarded Born/Ueda Memorial International Reporter Special Award for the Iraq War report.
Became part-time teacher at Waseda University Graduate School.
August 20. killed by Syrian government troops' gun attack at Aleppo, Syria
Received Most Honorable Citizen Award from Tsuru City, Yamanashi


Nippon Television Network President Award for Afghanistan report
The 26th Noguchi Award
Born/Ueda Memorial International Report Award (Iraq War report)
Woman of the year
Career Create Award
Keynote Speech at Japan Women's Meeting
Most Honorable Citizen Award from Tsuru City

Report for War - What Did the Children Experience?

Author: Mika Yamamoto, Publisher: Koudansya, Price: JPY1,200 (Tax excluded)

Why Do Some Humans Dislike and Kill Each Other?
Why Will War Occur?
What Should We Do for Peace?
This is a book that provides topics for discussion between parents and children.

My Village Was a War Field

My Village Was a War Field

Author: Mika Yamamoto, Publisher: Magazine House, Price: JPY1,500 (Tax excluded)

Why the Taliban Turn to Outrage After Maintaining the Safety of Afghanistan?
What Are the Brutalities in Uganda under Continuous Civil War?
Why Russia Disregards Chechnya's Independence even through Bloodshed?
Are We Still Far From Resolving the Conflict between Nations, when even NATO troops Conclude the Kosovo Conflict With Aerial Bombardment?
Is Peace Back In Iraq? What Did the US Military Bring To Japan Self-Defense Forces?
It is a book that reports global conflict.

Not Reported in Baghdad

Not Reported in Baghdad

Author: Mika Yamamoto, Publisher: Shougakukan, Price: JPY925 (Tax excluded)

34 days of TV reporting from Baghdad under aerial bombardment.
A record of the Iraq War from the perspective of those attacked.

Asia Tricked - From Video Journalism field

Asia Tricked - From Video Journalism field

Author: Mika Yamamoto joint work with Asia Press International, Publisher: Fubaisya, Price: JPY2,000 (Tax Excluded)

The book touches upon the reality that is not reported in Asia